Réussite au bac 2016

Salut je suis la soeur Sarah Elladji Je rend toute la gloire à Dieu pour ma réussite au Bac 2016. Je suis en classe de 1ere A2 (option littéraire) et j’ai 17 ans, j’ai tenté ma chance en participant à l’examen du bac tout en gardant la foi en Jésus-Christ

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I want to give God all the glory for His mighty hand in the life of my family. Since the birth of my daughter, she would always fall sick, the same evil would always repeat itself. My savings were spent on drugs, transportation, and hospital. Tired, I came and met

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I want to give thanks to the Living God of Winners’ Chapel for all His benefits in my life. On Wednesday 10th February 2016, I participated in the Lunch Hour Prayer which focused on “Open Heaven.” Since then I am always blessed, people I have never seen before call me

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My son was suffering from a heart disease for the past 3 months. He was to undergo a heart surgery that which was estimated at 4 000 000 CFA francs. We had the opportunity to have the surgery done in France after we processed all the necessary documents. We were

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